Who? Jesus.

Who won't quit on us when we quit on him? Jesus.

Who keeps us company when when we are lonely? Jesus.

Who comforts us when our souls just can't sit still? Jesus.

Who chased us from before time began? Jesus.

Who waits on us when we're too busy? Jesus.

Who made our wine sweet and cashews salty? Jesus.

Who hears us in our fist-pounding, white-knuckling, please-make-it-stop pain? Jesus.

Who soothes our scorched hearts? Jesus.

Who was the Good Samaritan who insisted on cleansing our wounds and putting us his donkey to carry us to heaven? Jesus. 

Who will not give us what we deserve? Jesus. 

Who knows our past but won’t bring it up unless he's out to heal it? Jesus. 

Who puts faith in the faithless, love in the loveless, hope in the hopeless? Jesus. 

Who's blood made us clean? Jesus. 

Who eats with us when we're alone? Jesus.

Who loved us to death and back to life again? Jesus. 

Who is the treasure of heaven? Jesus.

Who has a laugh shakes the foundation of the earth? Jesus. 

Who is looking forward to seeing us face to face? Jesus.

Who watched over us last night as we slept? Jesus.

Who sung over us with gut-busting joy as we woke up morning? Jesus.

Always. Only. Forever. Our Jesus.