July 5th: Seattle, Emotions, Prayer, and Support

I took a little break from the blog to focus on my dissertation and my next book which is set to release in October. I’ll jump back into posting blogs and updating the food page on a regular basis once we move to Seattle on July 5th… which brings me to the point of this little post. 


This weekend, I had the great privilege of hanging out with folks and preaching the gospel at our new home church in Seattle. For those that may not know… after several months of praying, thinking, and wrestling over whether or not we should do it, Jana and I feel like this is what the Lord would have us do. So Ive accepted the call to join the staff at Redemption Church and will primarily focus on teaching and theological development. As you would expect, we're feeling a few different emotions about our upcoming move to plant our family in Seattle. We’re humbled, exited, and a little sad.


Humbled: We’re humbled to be God’s children and graced with the opportunity to serve him and his glorious Church in this capacity. 

Excited: We’re exited because we absolutely love the church, the city, and so many wonderful friends in Seattle!

Sad: I’d be lying if I didn’t say this isn't a challenge. Leaving family is hard. It’s even harder when you really love your family and have envisioned living life closer than 2,600 miles apart. Our family and friends in the south are precious to us and will miss them terribly. 


Want to Help? 

So Seattle is far and moving can be expensive. If you’d like to help us move, you can click the link below and select the Help the Earlys Move tab and you can donate there. I can’t tell you how grateful we are to those who will pray and support us. 


Here is a link to the sermon from Sunday at Redemption if you'd like to listen in.


And here is a link to follow if youd like to help us move. 


Much love to you all! 


Abbas Children,


Alex, Jana, Tovah, and Jude