Chipotle Chicken Chili, Toasted Cumin Sour Cream, Chunky Avocado Relish, and Bacon Encrusted Cornbread

OK, so here is the core chili recipe and I will tell you tips and how I altered it below it…


1) Note to you hot-heads: Definitely don’t overdo the heat on the peppers! It is way easier to add heat later on than just start on inferno


2) I’ve done this chili several times and really like to use a Corona with lime as the beer to cook with. Follow the recipe, then use the second beer to add liquid to adjust thickness as it reduces / cooks.


3)  Note: Masa Harina is just Masa flour. Super important ingredient here! 


4)  2 tbsp sugar


5)  My friend Jon adds 1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder. He digs it combined with the spices. It’s not for me. But… you know.  


6)  1 tsp smoked paprika with spices


7)  ½ cup heavy cream & ½ cup sour cream, I used these to cut the heat, but it adds a great creaminess too.


8)  I probably simmered it a lot longer, maybe an extra hour or two periodically stirring and scraping up the bottom of the pan.


9) We also let it rest overnight in the fridge and gently re-heated to simmer the next day, man those flavors really meld overnight! 



Toasted Cumin Sour Cream


1)  8 oz Mexican Crema


2)  2 tbsp milk


3)  1 tbsp cumin seeds (seeds not powder)


4)  Toast cumin seeds over med heat in a small skillet (no oil) until they get toasty smelling / don’t burn!!!


5)  Mix seeds with crema and milk and then we put it all together in a squeeze bottle, but that’s not necessary…  Make this early and the toasted oils will infuse the crema the longer it sits.



Avocado Relish – make right before you serve


1)      3 avocados


2)      ½ red onion diced fine


3)      Cilantro chopped to taste


4)      S&P


5)      Mix it all up together, leave a little chunky.




Bacon Encrusted Cast Iron Cornbread


1)  Follow recipe, I used a 10” cast iron skillet (10” on the BOTTOM), was perfect.


2)  Use the shortening in the batter as directed


3)  5 slices bacon, chopped fine


4)  Cook chopped bacon in bottom of pan until crispy with the OTHER 2 tbsp of shortening


5)  Spread bacon around the bottom of the pan and pour batter over it gently


6)  Cook over med heat for 1-2 minutes


7)   Put into the oven per directions, we did 20 minutes and it was perfect


8)  When you pull out, flip onto a plate and let cool, then cut into fingers (should have crispy edges) kind of like biscotti, SO GOOD!!!!  Dip in chili to eat!