Halloween: Become Like Children  

Fellow Grown-Ups,

Halloween is a great reminder for us to all take ourselves a little less seriously and become more like children. Yes, there are bills to pay, work to tend to, and relationships that all need our attention. 

But today is a double-whammy. It is Saturday and it is Halloween. Take a moment to pump the breaks and notice the seeming timelessness that fills every child dressed in a costume, completely devoted to the world of make-believing, pretending, laughing, and above all, collecting candy with their buddies.

Jesus once said that unless we become like children that we would never enter the kingdom of heaven (Matt. 18:3). Did you catch that? Childlikeness is a prerequisite for getting into heaven! Everywhere in the world we’re to grow up. Both Peter and Paul tell us that we are to grow up (Eph. 4:14-15; 2 Pet. 3:18). And yet, as Christians grow up, we also grow down. We become more childlike.

 For many, childhood was brutal for one reason or another. As Christians, we get a second chance at what it means to experience a tender Father, the protection of an Older Brother, and the nurturing care of a loving mother in Holy Spirit. In becoming like children we get to really enjoy all that it is to be filled with wonder, expectancy, curiosity, and total dependency on our Abba, Father who knows us, loves us, and is with us always. 

When you picture heaven, maybe you shouldn't picture a seminary classroom and maybe should be thinking more of a preschool. 

Enjoy your childhood.