Covenant > Contract

Here’s an excerpt from the New Believer’s Guide explaining the heart of God’s covenant with his people. 


God didn’t draft a contract with Abram or with you. God entered a covenant, saying, “I’m committed to your good no matter how many times you fail, how many times you break my heart. I will lovingly abide with you through unmet expectations. I will bleed for this.” And he did. That’s God’s heart toward his children. The cross of Jesus communicates that not only is God disinterested in a contract, the very idea of a works-based relationship repulses him. He is totally committed in covenantal love. Contracts are easy. Covenants are more involved. Contracts make sense to the average person. Covenants aren’t always understood, especially by unbelievers. Contracts don’t involve your soul. Covenants do. God has made a covenant with his children.


As I have said before, you are not God’s employee. You are not God’s hired hand. God is not a CEO who never makes his way down the assembly line to get to know the people who were hired to work day after day. The banner that flies over your life is love. You are God’s child. You are God’s chosen. You are God’s elect son or daughter. Believe this: All the water in all the oceans could never extinguish the fire of God’s love for you.


If you don’t understand your true identity as being deeply loved by God and bound in his covenant, you’ll be bound for an unbelievably long road called “your Christian faith.”