Jesus Isn't Superman

Here’s a short excerpt from my newest book, The New Believers Guide to the Christian Life.


In the Old Testament, God's people understood him to be their Savior and Lord. The same is true in the New Testament. Jesus's dominion expands far beyond the borders of Israel, As he is declared to be the Lord and Savior of the entire world! To titles Savior and Lord are quite provocative. One of the titles test to ruffle our feathers mildly and the other feels like we're getting our feathers plucked out! Some come out when they hear that they need a Savior are immediately offended because they believe they are sufficient in and of themselves. Others actually love the idea of a Savior! In fact, this is why we have superheroes. And the typical Superman moment, a building is on fire and the man of steel–with perfect teeth–fly then, rescues the woman in distress, and gets her to the ground safe and sound. The savior is praised and flies off to save someone else; the woman goes home, back to life as usual, thankful for Superman.

But Jesus isn't Superman. In Christianity, Jesus not only saves us, but remains with us and takes on the role of being our Lord for every moment of every day starting with the present moment and extending throughout all eternity. Lordship implies that someone else is in charge, leading, and in total control.